Hjalti’s Progress

We haven’t done anything with Hjalti recently.  Lots of reasons but mostly weather, our mood and just the general winter meh-factor.  There is no point training a horse if you are not feeling like it.  No one benefits.

But, yesterday, we got Hjalti out of his packaging and tacked him up ready for a short session.

He hadn’t forgotten anything and worked well with Daisy, listening and learning her instructions.

They walked and trotted on both reins concentrating on transitions and a bit of steering.

Hjalti has the best square halt of anyone in possibly the whole world.

He learned to stop off Daisy’s seat rather than her hands.  He has lightening brakes anyway so she just taught him to listen to these aids.  A few attempts and he’d got it.

And so the pair of them pootled around the school happily and it was obvious that the little break had done Hjalti no harm whatsoever.  We have no timetable to work to so we can take our time which is the perfect way to train a youngster.

Withs lots of communication both onboard and off, Daisy and Hjalti are good friends.

Hjalti is a funny little chap.  He has a lovely temperament and is kind and happy to do anything.  I really love watching him learn.



5 thoughts on “Hjalti’s Progress

  1. Kerry

    What a very clever and very lovely wee chap. His square halt is indeed a thing of beauty as indeed is your way of training. Whether its educating young animals or young humans, nothing should be forced but a willingness to learn should be well rewarded – and he certainly knows he’s going to be well rewarded

  2. Vicki

    “He learned to stop off Daisy’s seat rather than her hands.” What a good boy! But how amazing is Daisy?! Fantastic.

    1. Frances Post author

      Sadly no. He is very trotty. Trotting is very bad for my spine. I prefer natural tölters.


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