A Change of Scene

Another windy day (as in gusting 50mph gale) so after mucking out 9 horses/ponies, I wanted to go for a walk and straighten my back up.

The dogs and I needed a change of scenery too.  Off we went to Sandness beach.


The wind was hitting the sea straight on so, although there were no big waves, there was some impressive sea spray being blown backwards.


The tide also seemed very high and I found myself standing in the sea foam on a few occasions.

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We had the beach to ourselves, which is always nice.  It was loud, wet and windy and when I lost the feeling my fingers from the cold, we went back home having been thoroughly buffeted about.  Good for the soul.


On our way home, I saw a pair of Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus) walking across the road towards the loch.


I managed to grab my camera just as they had reached their destination.  If it had been less windy, I would’ve left the car and observed them for longer.  I rather like swans though everyone knows they can “break a man’s arm!”


Home and lunch and everyone except Haakon, Storm and Tiddles, were out in the field grazing.  Haakon and his companions-of-the-day were confined to the stable.  Haakon is on daily antibiotics and analgesia now.  Let’s see if that helps.


Then the weather disintegrated and I happened to mention did anyone want to perhaps come in … and gallop, the whole lot had wedged themselves into their shed.

I didn’t have to ask twice!

4 thoughts on “A Change of Scene

  1. Rebecca Final

    Frances – what a beautiful rugged place you live in. It’s so wonderful that you share in photos with us.

  2. Linda

    What a gorgeous sound that must have been, with the wind, and the sea! Good for the soul; scours you clean!

    What a treat to get to see those swans…


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