Post Eurovision Hangover

I love Eurovision.  I refuse to be ashamed of this confession. I have watched almost all of them since time began.  This is one night of the year when you laugh with bewilderment for almost 4 hours – perfect.   I accept it is not everyone’s cup of tea but, when it is on I watch it.  No Matter What or Where.


So this morning I had a bijoux hangover – must’ve been a dirty glass.  Personally I blame the staff.  You just can’t get them these days.  So I slept in until 11am.

Jo messaged me to say she was riding at 14.30 and suddenly my potential Pyjama Day bored me and I wanted to go out too.  I popped over, collected the trailer, threw Haakon and his stuff in it and returned to Sandness.

Fiona had arrived too to ride Hreyfing.

I unloaded Haakon while Jo and Fiona went off to catch their mares.


And then we watched them all turn tail and bugger off up the field.  I did not laugh, I did not. I am not that kind of person.


No, I am not (cough).


So, while they were faffing around trying to catch their horses, I tacked up Haakon.

L1090060 L1090062

I have submitted Haakon’s application to GB’s Olympic Eating Team.


More faffing (or tacking up) while I got on and Haakon stuffed his face – much better than having a battle about not eating food while we wait.


And off we went.

IMG_0927 IMG_0935 IMG_0938

We had a lovely time. The views were beautiful and we all enjoyed ourselves.


The wind and the ride blew away my Eurovision hangover and I spent the afternoon trying to convince two “non-believers” that actually it was worth watching and a very good evening’s entertainment.


I am not sure I was very convincing.  Their loss!

2 thoughts on “Post Eurovision Hangover

  1. Chris

    I too love watching Eurovision. I always stock up on ‘bad’ food and wine and prepared to be gob smacked at the absurdity of it all. I put the subtitles on too, some of the lyrics (especially the translations) are soo funny.


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