Up the Hill

Rain, rain and more rain.

To be fair, everyone didn’t hang around after breakfast asking for more food but I decided to give the ponies some hay to eat which would keep them warm and hopefully prevent them from shivering.

I speeded up this film as they all took their time coming up the hill but it is keeping them all fit!

The hay was a wise decision, I think.  They were very appreciative.

And even Vitamoo-bag was in a cooperative mood, letting me put her rug earlier on without the usual chasing after her fight which is quickly becoming the norm these days.

Fivla is always the tail-end Charlie but she got there eventually.  Speed is not her thing.  It never has been.  When she was a riding pony, she had two speeds – slow and stop.

So, while it poured with rain on and off all day, with more to come tomorrow, I went to my shed to make the grey sheep on the left.

I have a fibre block on soak and will go out later to dish it out to the ponies if they are still around.

3 thoughts on “Up the Hill

  1. Judith Garbutt

    You’ve made me feel a bit guilty – I’ve been complaining that it’s been too hot! Fortunately the temperature dropped today and we’ve even had a little shower of rain. I hope you have some dry and warmer weather soon.


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