All Hell Let Loose

Today we took IndyPingPong away from his mare(s).  We had left him with Verona after the Walls Show and we wanted to do this before I go away leaving everyone else to look after my animals.  So we loaded them up, dropped Verona off into the mares’ field and took Indy to Thordale to see if he could live with his old herd.


Everyone was thrilled to see him and came rushing down – Haakon looking particularly majestic.


Hammy was very happy that his bezzie mate was back.


There was thorough sniffing and all was looking good….


… until Taktur came galloping up.  He had been miles away on his own as usual.


Last year Indy and Taktur (then a 3yo colt) managed to winter together in mutual, well I wouldn’t go as far as to say friendship, but they tolerated each other without much fuss.


This year the rules had changed.  Taktur was not a colt in his eyes but a year older and more stallion about things.


We thought they would get on with it and there was stallion bellowing and investigating.


And then the first blow was struck and that was it….. The end of a fragile friendship.


Jo and I watched for a few minutes and decided, no, enough was enough.  This was not going to work and we were not prepared to wait and see what happened or risk bloodshed.  So Jo went into the field to separate the two arguing stallions (they were not quite fighting but the relationship was quickly disintegrating before our eyes).


I knew I wanted to take Hammy out as he would be Indy’s field companion, so as he came past, I opened the gate and he ran through.  The others were very unsettled by everything.  Then Indy and Taktur found themselves arguing by the gate I was standing by so I shouted at Taktur.  Instantly he dropped Indy and stood licking and chewing while I yelled and yelled at him about his foul behaviour (he is a “Mummy’s boy” and I am glad he still remembers it).  This gave Jo a second to nip in and shove Indy through the gate into the paddock with Hammy.  They were quickly removed to the indoor school before anyone had a chance to think.

BN2A9044 BN2A9045

We examined Indy for damage and he had a black eye with a cut underneath.  My poor boy.  Hindsight is a very accurate science and you don’t know what will happen until you try.  We had hoped Taktur would not have been quite so stallion-esque about things but he was and nothing will change his hormones.  I don’t want Indy damaged, or Taktur either.

BN2A9050 BN2A9051

Anyway, Indy will spend his winter with his best friend, Hammy.  They make a lovely couple and it was nice to see them just continue from where they left off last spring.


Jo has taken them over to hers’ and put them in a huge field. She will check Indy just to see he is ok from his battle.  I will miss him desperately (and Hammy, though I could see everyone breathe a sigh of relief when he left) and there will be no Shetland ponies at Thordale this winter.



9 thoughts on “All Hell Let Loose

  1. Cate

    It looked quite like fighting to me. Glad it was mostly bruised egos. Love those last pics, Hammy commiserating with Indy! 🙂

  2. Frances Post author

    It hadn’t quite got to the “I am going to kill you” stage. Mostly all mouth and trousers but we ended it before they did.

  3. martine

    Amazing photos… but sorry your boys had to have such a big scrap for you to get those pics. Hope neither of them suffer any ill effects afterwards.

  4. rebekah

    Aw oh dear, but you did the right thing, fantastic photos as usual, it does look scary.My boy play fights with a young gelding at the yard and things get very rough but always calm down after 5 mins or so..Still he has suffered a fair share of cuts and scrapes..I’m glad Indy and Hammy have each other.


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