Poor Old Boy

The sun was shining, yes it was a tad blowy but nothing too miserable so I thought Haakon, BeAnne and I could go out for a walk.

(yes, that’s BeAnne’s grumbly face)

I put Her Maj on a lead before we reached the road as there are little lambs about now.

Lambing season has just begun and even though BeAnne would not chase a lamb or ewe, I would not be popular for walking a dog off a lead in the scattald (open hill or common grazing).  It is not the done thing.

So I “knitted” with my extending dog lead and the non-extending horse rope and both animals behaved very well.  BeAnne has often walked with Haakon and he knows she would take a very dim view on being trodden on.  So she walked in front of me and I cursed her for trying to trip me up instead!

After a while I grew bored of the endless “knitting” and tripping and let Haakon do his own thing.  He is used to this set-up and happily walked beside me.

I love this photo.  Me and my best friend just pottering together enjoying each other’s company.

On my walk, I did noticed that Haakon has another hoof abscess (his third).  It was draining nicely, no lameness or misery and actually the gentle walk increased the drainage nicely.  A small part of me is not surprised.  At the back of my mind I was thinking something else might be lurking.  Ho hum…… better out than in.

I think if this weather holds up, these gentle ambles are good for Haakon both mentally and physically. I push him onto the grass verge when I can and he happily potters alongside.


4 thoughts on “Poor Old Boy

  1. Sam

    Sorry to hear a 3rd hoof is now involved,but you noticed it and will attend to it. How lucky to have two walking partners who happily amble along side.

  2. Cathy

    He’s not a poor old boy! He’s a happy boy enjoying a gentle walk with his friends, and he looks good, ears pricked and eyes bright. As long as he has you (and BeAnne) he knows he is loved, and all is well in his world.

    He knows he is wonderful, and he won’t let you forget it.

  3. Linda Loba

    I’m thinking the chance to just amble along is a treat for Haakon. I do the same with my dog, figuring it’s really “her walk” and she gets to sniff to her heart’s content.

    P.S. I know *nothing* about this, but something tells me that just maybe these slow walks will help with any minor abcesses., and strengthen his hooves?. In other words, I agree with what you said about this. 🙂


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