Hard at Work

It is snowing outside and the north wind is bitter. I don’t want to think about how the grass has stopped growing.  Grrrr….

So, I have been busy in my lovely little studio, shed, she-shed, shudio, creation station, whatever, my space and have two orders ready to go out to the shops in Lerwick next week.

I am very excited.  Ten handmade needle-felted sheep made in Shetland (by me) using 100% Shetland wool.

OH and Daisy helped make the box and a lovely friend designed the banner for me moments before I threw my laptop out of the window.  I am not very good with Photoshop.

So that’s these lads ready to go out into the big bad world and hopefully be snapped up.

I am just waiting for stickers to be printed so for the meantime I have put a little hand-written one on their tummies.

Then there are the puffins.

Although totally made in Shetland, they are not created out of Shetland wool, but I still like them all the same. Like popcorn, everyone is different!

So that’s my craft work.  Now to start ten curly sheep to complete another order.  I also have visitors.

I’ve been busy.


4 thoughts on “Hard at Work

  1. Kerry

    They are all so lovely and so different to standard tourist tat, I am sure you will sell out and soon be making more.
    It is also a little chilly down in Devon (not quite snowing but NSH still on)

  2. Judith Garbutt

    So impressive, Frances! Hopefully the snow won’t hang about and you can get back to spring!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Oh, my…………..these are the loveliest critters (okay, including your visitor)! Best of luck and really – you are just so talented.

  4. Sam

    Photoshop is the devil’s work. But your sheep and puffins are delightful! As for winter refusing to leave…begone!


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