Poor Maggie

The terrible weather continues.  It is vile out there and everyone is sheltering where they can.

This morning, I saw Maggie was not allowed to go into the sheep shed. She was standing outside looking rather forlorn.  I think she does this when they are all in there and she doesn’t think there is room enough for her.  She has always been an outside sheep, anyway.

So I felt sorry for her and very quietly (so the others did not hear and come belting out to eat it all) gave her a haynet to herself and a big bowl of extra hard feed to herself.

It will keep her warm if she is determined to live outside.

I have a feeling Lambie has not been very welcoming.  Floss saw him shoot Maggie a filthy look when she wanted to go inside the shed and eat hay with them all.

I also put out a couple of fibre blocks for anyone to munch on.

One day, I tell Maggie, the weather will change.  We just don’t know when at the moment.

Today I wore three sets of outdoor clothes.  Each set was soaked through.  We have all had enough.

P.S. I always give Maggie double the biccie ration.  She knows this and I know this. It is our secret.

3 thoughts on “Poor Maggie

  1. Judith Garbutt

    The weather really is foul! Some tiles were dislodged frrom the roof of my house in the gales last weekend and the roofer hasn’t got round to me yet. We’ve had more strong winds today and now it’s hammering down with rain – I might end up having to sleep in the spare room as the hole is directly above my bed! At the risk of appearing soft, I’m pleased that my little Shetland is tucked up in his stable tonight!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Well, it looks like there is enough room inside for Maggie too. How awful for her to have to be outside in the cold and rain. Maybe Lambie needs to be outside for a bit? It looks cozy for the lucky ones who are inside.


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