If you are worrying about Maggie

If you are worrying about Maggie after yesterday’s blog post then don’t.  This afternoon, I saw that Maggie was going in and out of the sheep shed with absolutely no aggro from anyone.

Because the hill ram was around (and Harrel was shagging Edna), I opened up the separate wee field with a sheep shed.  Maggie was straight in so now she has options (and many haynets).

As has Lambie (practising his derp face!)

After “Minioning”, I came home to fill haynets ready for Round 2 of feeding, and Maggie was about so I gave her a not-so-secret bowl of food.

Madge also happened to be in the area and doesn’t she look like her mother?  I have never seen the resemblance before. It is the begging face.

Madge very much wanted the food but I told her she was looking wonderful and didn’t need the extra calories.

Anyway, Maggie wasn’t sharing – I was put on this planet to stand guard to stop invaders.

There is nothing better than having food on your nose after a meal.  Absolutely nothing!  This is Maggie’s opinion and possibly mine!

2 thoughts on “If you are worrying about Maggie

  1. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for being so good to Maggie. You have a good heart and certainly know what’s happening around your place with all your critters. How nice that she has a place she can go for shelter if she wants or needs it. And how awesome that you make sure she has extra food too. All your sheep look very healthy. Thanks for the info on Maggie!

  2. Sam

    Maggie is still warring with Hill Sheep vs Muzzah’s Lamb. Nice that you notice and reward her staying home. And yes, if one does not wear one’s food, the meal was not good enough.


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