It has been a very windy day today.  Floss and I have struggled with our haynets being blown up and down hills, all over the place.  Very tiresome and exhausting.

Every morning the sheep have two haynets hung in their ratty old shed (which they refuse to leave, ever) which they graze on during the day if the weather is bad.  Today almost everyone was inside.

Edna came to welcome me to her door (makes a change and no, I hadn’t got biccies about my person).

Maggie couldn’t decide whether to go in or not so I took her a fibre block to eat if she decided to stay outside.  She spends half her day trying to talk to her old hill sheep friends – probably to boast about her new life. She never tries to leave the croft but likes to stay by the fence lording it over her old friends.

I was early for the Minions so I took the scenic route to admire the wild seascape and light.

On my way home, I drove to Dale Beach to see what was going on there.

Good waves.

The car rocked while I took some photos. I didn’t have my big camera with me because I didn’t want it wrecked with salt and sea-spray.  The car was covered when I drove home.

At home, the sheeple had just about finished their hay and were having a sit down.  Good for them. Onwards, ever onwards for me – filling more haynets and lugging them up the hill to some so-called starving horses.

5 thoughts on “Blowy

  1. Sam

    Edna seems to have taken on the Hostess Role. And that deserves a biccie, teeth or no teeth. Love how Maggie is boasting the hill crowd about her lovely new home. Nice to see your beach again. Those ‘Starving” in the fields just want to see you every day. To giggle at.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Everything is so much harder in these blustery and gale force winds. But what fabulous sea scapes, Frances.


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