Poor Bert

I knew something was up with ‘Bert the minute he started coming up to talk to me.  He is not that kind of chap.  Yes, he is friendly enough but not really one to seek out my company, unlike others.

And I noticed, while I was stroking him, that one of his horns was about to go into the side of his head.  Such a crappy design for nature, if you ask me, and I knew I had to take immediate action.

So first I dosed ‘Bert up with TurmerAid – I think it is very good for calming and, striking while the iron was hot, so to speak, I lured the three sheep into the stable. ‘Bert was easily caught (a trusting boy) and, with the help of Flossie keeping him still, I managed to lop off an inch of potentially life-threatening horn with hoof-clippers. Poor ‘Bert – he bled for a while and I kept them all around (no gallivanting in the hill for a few days) so I could keep an eye.

‘Ster is lucky. His horns grow the right way.  He has never had any problems with them and he looks glorious.

Lambie’s horns just grow to a maximum of 1″ (of which he is very proud) and then he has an argument with a chair or a plant and then they fall off and then I spray him with turquoise spray.  It is an annual event.

However, I was slightly worried about ‘Bert afterwards – there was blood and I was praying I hadn’t nicked him but I was pretty sure it was just the remains of his horn. Horns always bleed copiously.

Anyway today, ‘Bert is fine and much happier.  Hopefully we won’t have to do that again for a while.

Meanwhile, Lambie…… well, I’ll just leave this here!

11 thoughts on “Poor Bert


    Frances you are so resourceful and so caring too – they are lucky to have you! Keeping fingers tightly crossed for Bert and sending healing thoughts to him x

  2. Linda Kirk

    Poor Bert. That really is a very bad design flaw. Is it because of his breed, that his horns grow that way?

    That Lambie is a shameless poser!

  3. diane in northern wis

    So glad your Bert is OK. You’re so good at noticing these things right away and doing something about them before they get worse. What a great animal Doc you make, Frances. Love your blog.

  4. Suzanne Kelly

    Poor thing- great you noticed it and remedied. Hope not too cold, and no more harsh weather heads your way.


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