Who Wants Trees?

Now I’m home and sort of unpacked, but certainly not organised, I have located my acorns, conkers and keys!

And, before I left my Mum’s, I raided her phone for good photos of the old oak tree.  She says it is the same age as the ones in Windsor Great Park and that this tree once formed part of the park when the land was included.  Obviously not part of the golf-course then.


Then I have the acorns from the red oak, which is fairly new – probably about 30 years old. I think I have 10 acorns and Mum is on constant look-out and collect!

Plus the “perfect” oak tree. Ths photo was taken last year.

And conkers from the horse-chestnut and some keys from the sycamore.

So if you want any, and are happy to pay postage, please email me – frances@fstaylor.co.uk – and let me know your name and address and what you want.  This is strictly on a first come, first served basis and I am reserving a few of each first for OH as he has plans for his Arboretum (good luck with that!)

And if there is a huge demand, I will send my 80 year old mother out collecting!

8 thoughts on “Who Wants Trees?

  1. Chris Neef

    What incredible trees! I would love to start an oak but do not think it would do well in New Mexico! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  2. Linda

    Thank You for all the tree photos! (My favorite in high-school Photo Class – the teacher knew whose pictures were coming out of the darkroom when he saw trees…)

  3. darby callahan

    Lovely old trees. there are some beautiful trees in my neighborhood but over time some have been cut down or are felled by storms. I have conkers from Paris and from chestnut trees outside Hampton Court.


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