Please Don’t Get Up

Back from the Minions this morning and I found everyone having a little zizz in the morning sunshine.  Having been vile last week – an unrelenting four day gale which exhausted everyone – I wasn’t surprised to see the herd enjoying the peace.

I crept up to them as I love seeing horses having a rest. I wanted to take nice photos.

I told them to stay put, I wasn’t going to do anything and I hadn’t brought anything with me.

It was interesting to see that Dreki was first up and then Taktur.

Optimism and chivalry must be a family trait!

Efstur with Kappi then decided to stand up. Synchronised standing.

Efstur, like Dreki, always wants anything I have.

Kappi, having seen that a) I had nothing and b) everyone else had stood up, decided the game was not worth the candle (an old family saying).

I was, of course, thoroughly searched and so I left hoping they would rejoin Kappi in their morning zizz.  I felt bad for disturbing them but, in my defence, I did tell them not to get up.  I was brought up to think that a gentleman always stands when a lady enters the room.  Does this mean Kappi isn’t a gentleman?

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