A Bit Breezy Here

The daily Minion trip is no chore. Their winter field is just 5 minutes away and I know they are looked at regularly by my very helpful neighbours too.

In all weathers, Leradale is truly a beautiful place.

Everyone was sensibly in a sheltered part of the field happily stuffing their little faces.

It was very windy interspersed with some violent quick flurries of rain, hail or something falling out of the sky.

Is this Silver’s adopt-me face?  He looks pitiful. I think I just caught him at a bad moment.

This is typically known as “Chrysanthemum” bottom (and no, I did not have to look up how to spell chrysanthemum, though I did double check I had got it right!)

Fivla looking a bit wind blown.  She is keeping the weight on so far this year (we were feeding her this time last year).

Fivla with her adopted son, Albie.  He rarely leaves her side because she might have an extra carrot.

And Vitamin on a mission.  This is one determined old lady.  She looks like she is about to tackle the Woolies Sale so she can buy all her Christmas presents for the next year early!  None shall pass.

They all seem very happy….

…. despite Silver’s miserable face earlier – he seemed to cheer up after a carrot or two.

Feeling ever so slightly wind-blasted, I went home.

3 thoughts on “A Bit Breezy Here

  1. Celeste

    Very beautiful photos, especially the rainbow one! Smart ponies, to turn tail into the wind. Next time you see Newt, give him an extra kiss from me. And a carrot if he insists, please.


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