A Nice Welcome Home

To town today in the van that doesn’t like starting very much at the moment. I had to buy more hay.  We are at that time of year when we get through a lot.  It was all a bit of a wing-and-a-prayer day everytime I put the key in the ignition but I got there and back in one piece which is all that matters with various missions accomplished.

It was also the first calm day after a four day gale so total bliss for everyone.

I had some Probate stuff to sort out which I managed to successfully achieve, then a quick nip around Tesco’s and I drove home.

Floss had kindly distributed to everyone equine their afternoon hay piles, and I was left with Lambie and his friends to try and charm me out of ginger biccies.

I am very gullible. I didn’t ask Floss and then found out that she had given them their daily allowance, as had I!

But, in my defence, they had all said they had eaten nothing all day.

And I believed them.  Sheep don’t lie.

Surely not!?

6 thoughts on “A Nice Welcome Home

  1. Sam

    Sheep don’t lie – they had not gotten a ginger biccie FROM you today. Biccies offered by others do not count. They are manna from nice peoples.

  2. Kris

    Love the look on Bert’s face in the first sheep photo.
    “Mmm, nope. No biccies passed these lips. Uh, uh, no way.” 🙂

  3. diane in northern wis

    Hey I believe those sheep! They couldn’t possibly have gotten any biccies that day from anybody. You can see how thin they’re all getting! Better keep those biccies close by in case of an emergency! I do love all those faces!


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