Placenta Panic

Well, we had our fair share of worry these last 20 hours.  Hetja had a retained placenta.  This is a medical emergency.  You don’t muck about in this situation.  We put her and baby in the stable.

The vet visited last night, examined Hetja (and baby, now known as Moonpie because she is nummy nummy) and despite all his best efforts, the placenta was not coming out.  He started Hetja on regular, first hourly and then two-hourly injections of Oxytocin (plus daily painkillers and antibiotics) through the night.  Still nothing in the morning so the vet doubled the dose.  By midday a bit of placenta was beginning to show and I knotted it (vet’s request).  At 3pm finally it had fallen out.  It was gathered up and I took the bucket of now-smelly gloup to the vet for examination.  Hetja may need a wash-out in a few days.

So that was last night and today’s drama.  Hetja was a good patient.  Moonpie does not follow her mum (Daisy used her infinity scarf) but is very very tame and I could tickle her all day.  She has stretched out more and enjoyed being in the shed to dry and sleep last night.  However, the best place for a nursing mare is eating green grass.  Once the placenta had dropped out, my concern really was to get Hetja outside as she is not that keen on the stable and was not eating much.

We initially put her and Moonpie in Lambie’s little paddock that no one has used for a while but Taktur insisted on pratting up and down two fences away shouting and Hetja was very upset by this.

Add Lilja and Bra yelling as well over another fence and we quickly saw this would not work.

So, I led Hetja, Daisy with Moonpie and Flossie on gates, and we bit the bullet reuniting all the ladies.  It was tense to start with but Hetja waded in giving out “the look” and everyone retreated respectfully.

So it all seems calm again and hopefully we have done all the right things.

I need my bed.

8 thoughts on “Placenta Panic

  1. Sam

    Moonpie’s fuzzy little chin is delightful! Get some sleep because we are all going to want more Moonpie pictures!

  2. Michelle

    What a perfect nickname! Glad you and the vet were on top of the placenta problem; what a year. 🙁

  3. diane in northern wis

    So glad the placenta problem got solved…..whew. What a darling little foal….Moonpie will be another beautiful part of your loving home and family. So glad things are turning out well. Enjoy this darling new baby!

  4. Kris Maxwell

    Hello, I am a long term follower, but rarely comment. You may already know this, but selenium deficiency is the most common cause of retained placenta and for late-term abortion as well. After the loss of Bra’s baby and seeing this post, I just wanted to mention it. I do equine nutrition counseling and would be happy to work with you if you would find it helpful. If you know all of this…feel free to disregard:)

    Congratulations on the new baby and I hope that Hetja is feeling great again soon!

    1. Frances Post author

      That is fascinating and good to know. Thank you. I think this is our last foal now. The mares have done their bit. Off to look up selenium deficiency in Shetland. I know we don’t have copper here but not heard of selenium. Interesting.


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