Piss Awful Weather

It has been utterly revolting all day – non-stop rain of varying degrees of ferocity, the burn is high, the bottom field is flooded and everyone is very fed up. We are welcoming the Autumn Equinox in true Shetland style.

However, it is not cold. Still double digits outside so rugs are not going on.  I heard Daisy mutter something about “everyone being fat”.

The sheeple can go in or out.  I have not restricted them to their field as there is little shelter there.  ‘Ster took himself back to bed (I don’t blame him).

Floss and I have been packing – we leave on tomorrow night’s boat.  The house is festooned with drying coats, trousers and washing.  I have even ironed (*** faint ***). It seems very odd to suddenly have to be respectable, or at the very least clean!

Lambie popped by this afternoon.

He didn’t stay long which is probably as well as I would’ve probably washed, ironed and packed him too!

9 thoughts on “Piss Awful Weather

  1. Sam

    I wonder what a washed and ironed Lambie would look like….
    Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip south. And no one floats away in the rain.

  2. diane in northern wis

    All your critters will surely miss you two while you’re away. Praying for a safe and good trip for you and Floss. Hope it all goes well.

  3. Mary Domito

    Oh Frances,
    You have no idea what your blog means to me
    I look forward to it arriving in my inbox every morning.
    Living through the pendamic in an election year with Our current president requires a beautiful distraction in order to cope!!
    Was so lovely to meet you and your brood last June w/ my two sisters. We all got loved up by Tiddles…..
    Can’t wait till I can find my way back to Shetland.
    Sending you warm regards……
    “Mattress” Mary Domito


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