Chilling with the Minions

A beautiful, if windy, day so Floss and I set out after lunch to Leradale to check the Minions and fill up their water buckets as they are all quite incapable of walking back to their old field where there is a ruddy huge lake situated.  So daily we lug containers of water and fill up buckets which they wash their heads in.  We have evidence.  And jolly hard work it is too.  Floss came to save my back and I hugely appreciated it.  Daisy was lugging horse stuff at home. Dearest daughters.

After we had done the chores, we found a less windy spot and sat down for a chat.

We were instantly surrounded and each pony in turn, except for Vitamin who has never been the huggy type, came up for a conversation.  She just stood nearby and watched.

It was wonderful being duly mauled.

Floss and I decided that if I died in the field, no one would ever find me or any evidence of my existence as the ponies would’ve eaten everything – they were endlessly chewing on my coat that I was sitting on.  I have no fillings ergo there would be no trace of me.

Perhaps not the best conversation to have while being nose to nose with a pony but it made us laugh at the thought.

Anyway, let’s hope we never have to find out.


While Floss was being extra adored, I played around with my camera settings to see if it made for better pictures.

Waffle was looking particularly wistful with the antique-esque filter.

I can’t decide which I like better.

I also made a short film – turn the sound up.

It was a perfect spring afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Chilling with the Minions

  1. Sam

    It is not that you would not be found in the field if you passed on, but that you would be found naked since the Minions would have gleefully taken your clothes and played tag with them. Love the first of the artful pictures of Waffle. Thanks for the video!


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