Perfect day for a walk

We are trying to give BeAnne her normal daily life so that she can get her head and hopefully body back to her “normal” (a nebulous state at the best of times).

So today, as it was so nice and I had conveniently forgotten we had 16 bales of hay to shift, we went for a walk.

BeAnne has lost weight – yes, she has a lovely figure but it is a little bit too trim for my liking.

We didn’t go at any speed, preferring to let BeAnne have a good time sniffing and looking for pesky wabbits.

The view was good.

Lambie trailed along at the back.  He likes to do that. He thinks it makes him interesting.

He does, however, come running if I call him.

The Boyzens are very good with BeAnne.

Today, she was “one of the team” and they all happily went off together.

As you can see I took lots of photos.


I even found the last of the melting ice.

Higher and higher we climbed up the hill and the view got better.  The furthest point is Fitful Head, down the south end of the island.


Once we were at the “top of the hill”, the Boyzens left me to go on and BeAnne and I turned for home.

Her Maj is asleep on the sofa now behind a cushion.  She has eaten some tea – the eating is much improved but still has her pills syringed into her twice a day.  On Tuesday, we have a vet appointment – bloods and possible ultrasound scan.  Even if we are just buying a little time, we are doing our best to enjoy it together.

2 thoughts on “Perfect day for a walk

  1. Cathy

    Don’t suppose the fairies had shifted the hay while you were out?

    It’s nice to see BeAnne out enjoying the walk, the sunshine and the wabbits. She does look slimmer, ( wet coat? ) but it looks as if she managed a fair distance quite happily so can’t be feeling too bad today.

  2. Sam

    You had sun, little wind, a nice walk, wabbits to sniff and Bozens to toddle after you. The hay can move its’ self. Her Maj needed a wander today. And buying time is never a bad thing. After all who wants to chomp on nasty pills?


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