Peace or War

I popped over to Leradale this morning to see how everyone was doing in their new bigger herd.

It was a bit Us and Them but it seemed peaceful enough.  The Minions were all together at one end, some lying down snoozing (a good sign of relaxation) and then there was Brá with Lilja happily eating together and Hetja some way away from everyone.

At first glance, things were looking good.

I went over to check that the Minions were not all covered in bites, blood with broken legs – they weren’t.  All fine.

Lilja wandered over to chat too.

Everyone was most welcoming – all except for Storm who was vile and chased Lilja off.

And then he stood there looking cross.  I told him off for being mean.

The others wanted to talk to Lilja.

And she desperately wanted to talk to them but went back to be with Brá.

Vitamin went over and whinnied at Lilja.

She wanted to make friends.

And then the others arrived to ruin it.  Storm’s tail was swishing in a bad way so I put a stop to that.

As I was walking away, they settled down again.

But Hetja suddenly arrived to tell the Minions what she thought of them.  Interestingly, though, she just chased them back and did not launch into a full on attack.

So it is a bit grandmother’s footsteps at the moment but not quite all out war.  If Storm continues to be the fly in this ointment, I will move him home and he can be sat on by Newt and Albie.

Meanwhile, the hill sheep are beginning to lamb.  They are soooooo sweeeeeeet!

2 thoughts on “Peace or War

  1. Sam

    Sounds like Storm is living up to his name. But nice to know no one is bloody or needing the vet. There is hope for this herd and the new girl.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Wow…such goings on you have to deal with…..seems the horses are almost as bad as people! Hope things calm down so you won’t have to move Storm. You seem so wise about horses and other critters….I guess you’ve been around them forever and have seen just about everything. Love the back and forth pics of the horses…and love that little lamb at the end too. Thanks Frances. Hope your back is mending!


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