Packing for Road Trip

Today Monster went into a decline…..

…. while Daisy and I were very busy.

Obviously we had a helper (just look at that Winning Smile).

There was construction.

Some jiggery-pokery, which involved baler twine (but of course; doesn’t everything?)

Then the gaffer tape (where would we all be without baler twine and gaffer tape?)

Monster woke up and surveyed our work in a mixture of disgust, dread and unhelpfulness.

So the car is all packed now.

And we are ready to go south, for one day, to collect …..

… this little sossage (photo from when I first saw her)!

We are taking both sisters north, and giving the black one to a friend while keeping the black/tan one for ourselves.  A name – no idea.  Any thoughts?

We are all very excited (bar Monster).  Happy days ahead.  It is time.

26 thoughts on “Packing for Road Trip

  1. Becka

    She looks a little bit like Darcey’s Mum/Linus’s Granny Caffrey, who was a working Lakeland & a dog of great spirit & fun.

    I hope you guys have all the love & all the fun with her, like you did with her Maj.

  2. Sarah carter

    The crate sort of gave it away maybe something Shetland related? Frida which means peace or dagr which means day and night goddess

  3. Carol E.


    I don’t know why, but she just strikes me as a Pip.

    So glad you’re getting a puppy!! And that she’ll have a sister nearby.


  4. Rebeccca Final

    Oh Francis! I’m SO happy you are ready for a puppy. I was just thinking the other day while reading your blog that it must be about time. Is this another Patterdale? Absolutely adorable!!!

    You will be hard pressed to find a cuter name than BeAnne, but I know you and your girls will think of something wonderful. This little nugget will fill a hole in your hearts. Nothing can replace BeAnne, but this will heal you all. Congratulations.

  5. Linda

    How exciting! I can’t wait to see them at your home, and their reactions to all the animals!
    No names come to mind, but I bet you’ll come up with something perfect!

  6. Judith Garbutt

    How exciting! Is she another Patterdale or Patterdale cross? The only name that springs to mind (and I don’t know why) is Toffee. I’ll look forward to pictures/videos as she creates havoc until you have her beautifully trained!

  7. Vicki Kechekian

    I was thinking of your mum’s dog (Teddy?) coming to visit or maybe Monst going with you for an outing, so I actually gasped. What a little nugget!!! Safe travels!

  8. Kris

    Oh gee, initially my heart sank when I got to this page and saw “Today Monster went into a decline…” and noticed there were 21 posts. I could only imagine the worst.

    What a relief to continue and find the adorable pictures of the pups. Happy news!
    That little one is so lucky to have landed in your hands.

    A name will come to you as you get to know her. 🙂

  9. Christine

    I am so excited for you! There is something magical about the days before getting a puppy. A little like when you were a kid, waiting for Santa to arrive. It’s a very special time. I brought an Icelandic Sheepdog pup home last year to join my other two, and remember the anticipation and joy. Congratulations!

  10. Susan Felton

    Best wishes for your new family member, hoping for many long years together in good health.

    What about Sunshine, Sunny for short? I am sure she will be spreading those rays.


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