Our Update

Yesterday afternoon a huge afterbirth appeared, so that was a relief.  Brá mentally perked up after that had gone.

This morning we opened the gate to the adjoining stable and Brá immediately went through to be with Hetja and Lilja, leaving her dead foal behind.  Based on her decision alone, we quickly led everyone out of the stable and back to their field.  Hetja and Lilja were thrilled to be outside again (I am not sure they would’ve put up with a longer confinement), while Brá was torn between trying to return to her foal or go with her friends. Before I slipped her headcollar off, I fed her a carrot sprayed liberally with Rescue Remedy.

Meanwhile, Taktur was shouting and running up and down his fence two fields away offering “encouragement” and support, just perhaps not in the way anyone would want at this precise moment.  He has been at it all day (*** sigh ***).  Everyone is heartily bored of him.

However, Hetja is brilliant, she gently got behind Brá and moved her away from the noisy tit shouting at the fence and guided her back to eating with Lilja at the furthest end of the field.  At one stage Brá stood at the spot where it all happened but now she moves around the field alternately grazing and sleeping, occasionally looking up and if she sees me, she shouts.  We have given them all space and look at them regularly from a distance.

Seeing Brá stand by herself thinking breaks my heart.  She is getting her head around all this.

Life has to go on. We all seem very bleak and distant.  I have no interest in much but I went to check the Minions and give them a carrot.  I didn’t feel like chatting to anyone.

Edited:  I just went outside to see where they are and Hetja is grooming Brá.  I shall leave her with the expert.  She knows how best to help.  It made me cry.


10 thoughts on “Our Update

  1. Margaret Robinson

    You know how we feel about all of this; however, it does warm our hearts to see Bra’ out there with her friends and all of them taking care her. You and family continue to take care too.

  2. Margaret

    You are so wise and compassionate in working through this heartbreaking turn of events. I am very sorry for your loss.

  3. Beverly

    Many tears in my eyes for your loss. I have experienced this type of loss on our farm and it is the hardest thing ever. Hugs to you. So sorry.

  4. Gemma

    So sorry to hear such sad news. Sending healing thoughts to you all. Brá obviously has the best of friends two and four legged to help her through this x

  5. Linda Loba

    Blessings on Hetja for her kindness and compassion. I think that will go a long way toward Bra and her grief.

    (Don’t be too cross with Taktur; he’s trying to “help” in the best way a male stallion would know how…”)

    As my mom used to say “this too shall pass”

  6. darby callahan

    thank you for the update. I have been thinking about Bra all day. hopefully she will move beyond her loss. especially with the help of Hetja and of course her loving family.

  7. Lucy MacArthur

    You are right – and very wise – to give them space. Poor Bra. She will deal with it and process it in time but so sad. Glad the afterbirth detached! Thinking of you all still xx

  8. Christine

    I was so sad to read your previous heartbreaking post, knowing how much you love every one of your animals. I hope Bra continues to do well and there are fine summer days ahead for all of you. Sending positive thoughts & good vibrations from across the ocean.


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