One Weird Cat

While BeAnne spends all her time with me, a certain weird cat is in the house being busy.

Monster regularly plots world domination.

I think it is safe to say he has taken over us at the very least – this is OH’s sofa spot.

Just not anymore.

Monster has many names and answers to none.

Perhaps not the most elegant, though.

Monster manages to make himself known and reminds me far too much of the cartoon Simon’s Cat.  It is scarily accurate.  OH looks just like Simon and the cat is no one other.  It’s like someone is watching our house and knows us very well.

Daisy took this film.  I think it is wonderful.


A quick Brá pdate:  She is doing ok.  No sign of toxic shock or infection.  We have buried the foal now and made sure she didn’t know and, more importantly, couldn’t smell it.  It was not a happy job but it is done and we move forwards. Brá is subdued and we had a chat while I gave her a huge bucket of diverting food.  She understands what has happened and if anyone thinks animals don’t grieve, please think again.  You are very wrong.

8 thoughts on “One Weird Cat

  1. Lucy

    Simon’s Cat is brilliant! Yes Monster is scarily close to doing a very good imitation. One of our cats is in terms of character but not looks – he has not tried the baseball bat method of waking us up yet (did you see that one)? However, he has committed equally violent and ungrateful alternatives over the years!

    Well done for getting through the burial of the foal. Poor grieving mother – she is lucky to have such an understanding human to care for her. Anyone who believes animals do not grieve should be kept away from animals for life!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Is “Monster” perhaps a tad deaf? Most what cats are to some etent according to our vet/articles. Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t answer to any name. Or, in the alternative, he is King and know it!

    Again, it isn’t everyone who would understand the world of horses, or the particular world of Bra’ as you and yours have done. They of course understand many, many things and experience emotions. I have this on-going conversation with Smokey Robinson (and his pal Coala next door). Humans just have to pay attention. The anguish you have gone thru is heavy and know that burying the foal was closure of some sort, but it must have been one of the more difficult things you have ever done. Bra’ is just so fortunate to have you and your family looking out for her well-being.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. Monster is not deaf. I am very sure of that.

  3. Linda Loba

    Monster looks exactly like Simon’s Cat; your mention of his plans and plots reminds me of another cartoon (here in the US) called Pinky & the Brain where the Brain (overintelligent lab rat) is always plotting to “take
    over the world”

    Of course animals grieve! We see it all the time in the news, on animal shows, etc. I hope *everyone* realizes this. And your support for Bra is going to help her so much…

  4. Sherry Walter

    Years ago I lost a mare to colic, her son, (gelding) repeatedly put his nose to the ground to follow the path she was dragged to the burial site. Burying a horse is a ugly thing. He would get as far as the gate and just stand and stare, it took the better part of a week for him to give this up. Yes, they grieve.

  5. Sam

    Monster has found the person he wants – Boy Power! Not weird just a boy thing. So very sorry to hear about Bra. She is getting all the love and support she needs from human and horse. Hoping each day gets a little bit easier to get thru. And yes animals grieve, had our 1st Maine Coon drop 1/2 his body weight the month after his feline Lady passed. Don’t tell me they don’t grieve.


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