Our Sleigh Ride

Once the Opening Ceremony to the 2017 Rørosmartnan was over, we made our way down the hill.

None of us do crowds, so we left!

Daisy and I were asked if we wanted to go on a sleigh ride with one of the groups still making their way to Røros.

We didn’t need asking twice.

The horses and sleighs had been travelling that morning and we could see that everyone had worked hard and were now resting.

There were a few fires lit in the snow and folk gathered around them, drinking and chatting.

What a fabulous atmosphere and we were made very welcome.  I wandered about with my camera accepting swigs of Aquavit (well, it would be rude to say no!)

The horses had everything they needed and were content.

Some were snoozing, eating, drinking and some were just watching.

And then it was time to go.

This is our horse who pulled our sleigh.

And these are our drivers.

And this may be the bottle of Aquavit that was regularly passed back to us (again, rude to say no!)

Daisy and I were made very comfortable. We covered ourselves with sheepskins (wool on the inside).  Perfection.

There was a definite Narnia moment and I will admit I had a yearn for Turkish Delight!

And this is the horse who was behind us.  We made friends – wonderful and he had a very kissable nosey.

I may have become obsessed with trees!

So, we sat, in our life of luxury, listening to the horses’ bells ring while they walked along ever closer to Rørosmartnan.

Cars?  Meh!

Behind us was a sledge with folk playing accordians and everyone was singing.

Two hours later, having said we would only stay for 30 minutes (!), we arrived at Dalsbygda.

Heaven, utter heaven.  I will never forget.

12 thoughts on “Our Sleigh Ride

  1. Gwen

    How lovely it all looks, and I think you would have to have a drink that would warm the insides up , you have taken some beautiful pictures, I have really enjoyed seeing them and thanks for sharing this wonderful time away in Norway, a wonderful country.

  2. Sam

    Some of the best times while on vacation are when you just join the party. My sister & I did so with some Welsh Morris Dancers years back – one of the best days of that trip! Love the pictures, reminds me of Vermont.

  3. Terri

    What a fun day — on vacation/holiday one must be open to adventure! I love the brightly colored houses in the first photo, echoed by the hats of the crowd. It looks COLD there, but cozy, with the sheepskins and Aquavit. I Iove it that you made friends with the horse behind you!

  4. Judy carnegie

    Photographs are terrific. All looks so lovely and fresh& crisp. So different from hot & humid Sydney,where the heat just sucks the life out of you!!
    Loved all the different horses,very special time for you Frances

  5. Nancy

    How did you get invited to a sleigh ride?!?!

    Also, I can’t believe that one horse is pulling six people?!?! (The photo with the accordian player.)

  6. Linda

    Well, first of all you were absolutely right about not refusing the Aquavit!
    Second (why am I counting?) – THE HORSES!!!!!!! So big and beautiful, and gentle-looking. That red and white decorated horse blanket was really pretty, and the sleigh ride(s) look and sound absolutely magical…sigh….

  7. Kris

    My grandparents emigrated from Norway. Dad was fortunate to return for a visit when he was a youngster and he still tells stories of his trip, meeting his grandmother and various adventures. We are fortunate to have photos and believe it or not, film to match. That was in 1928 and Dad is now 98. As I look at your wonderful pictures I wonder if any of those people could be relatives. 🙂


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