The Horses!

Ok, so where were we?

Ah, yes, the horse drawn sleighs had just appeared for the Opening Ceremony for the 2017 Rørosmartnan, Røros’ annual fair.

The horses and sleighs arrived in groups of about 6 or so and were grouped according to the district they had travelled from.  They were introduced to the crowd as they came up the hill.

There were 92 horses participating – from all over Norway and Sweden, taking up to 10-12 days to travel to Røros, stopping off and making camp at various farms en route.

The horses all wore bells, which made a beautiful noise.  Not sleigh bells, but big ringing brass bells that clanged as they walked.

The horses were predominantly the Dølehest breed – a solid Norwegian draft horse.  I think, and I could be wrong, that there were also some North Swedish Horses too.

There were a few Fjord horses too (I always love a Fjord horse) with their traditionally cut manes.

The horses were all very well-behaved, worked hard and looked good.  They knew their job.

I love  this horse. He was happily helping himself to the hay in the sleigh in front of him!

This is the Norwegian version of Iacs!

So, there you are – the first photos of the horses and sleighs.  Magical, utterly magical.

23 thoughts on “The Horses!

  1. Gwen

    I have enjoyed all the photo’s that you have taken, I am stuck for words everything s so beutiful I wish I had been there too , I dont think my Asthma would have approved. BUt You are so lucky to have been there with all those beutifyul horses and what a show of furs and the garments that were worn to keep them warm on the sleds

    Every picture is perfect photography

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Ah………what a wonderful trip you are having and what truly beautiful horses! A great tradition (despite the cold).

  3. Cathy

    What a fantastic trip, and such wonderful photos. I just love those horses and the beautiful furs and costumes the sleigh teams are wearing.
    (Please thank Nick too for stepping into your shoes so ably while you were away)

  4. Linda

    Absolutely wonderful! And that horse sneaking hay from the following wagon must have a bit of Minion in him, don’t you think? 😉

  5. Robyn

    What a feast of photos you and Nick have provided for us Frances. Was able to travel via the net to Iceland, the Outer Hebrides and The Lakes District with Nick and now to Norway with you Frances. Absolutely gorgeous horses and scenery. Thank you both so much for sharing your gifts of artistic expression with us. Longing to see more!

  6. Darby

    beautiful, the horses , the ringing bells, the snow falling, like something out of a fairy tale!
    thank you Frances for sharing something wonderful I never knew existed.

  7. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Oh how beautiful! Love these horses and sleighs and the big bells too! Wish I could have been there in person to see and hear it all! How absolutely lovely. You take great pics. I’m enjoying your trip so much!

  8. Nancy

    Beautiful horses and sleighs(?)!!
    I wish I could see them all in person. It must have been stunning!!

    On a side note, I finally know what those horses are called with the bi-color manes: Fjord horses!!
    I saw one last year and I didn’t know why the mane was so grand!! Now I know what to call them.
    Thank you! =)

  9. Carina

    Love these photos , beautiful horses and such a festive event, you captured it excellently. Thank you so much for sharing this. When will we get the answer to the real cliffhanger though: how many horses did you buy?

  10. Louise Stopford

    Wonderful – definitely very magical indeed. Loved the horses – what a brilliant time you have had. Enjoying these posts very much – thank you.

  11. Laura Baisley

    Marvelous pictures, you captured the atmosphere very wel. Thank you for being there and sharing something of the experience.


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