Rain Forecast

Saturday night/Sunday morning is looking a tad wet so we moved everyone into better (higher) fields.

My priorities are mother and daughter, Hetja and Moonpie.  With Taktur and his sons (plus friend) safely in the stable to prevent any potential distractions and/or trouble, we led Hetja (Moonpie at foot), Brá and Lilja over to Clothie.  It is a nice high field with no stream to flood.  They will can stay there for a while now.

Next we opened the gate and shouted for the old men – Klaengur, Iacs, Haakon and Kappi to go through to their adjacent field.  Then the potentially wicked boys joined them.  Taktur went into the field shouting to his mares that at last he had arrived and tried to jump on a chestnut horse (in the hope it was Hetja) only to find out it was Kappi so he ran up and down the fence for a while looking for his lady loves.

No one else noticed that there might have been ladies present.

I think Taktur was quite disappointed.

But there were some good impressions of the Lloyds Bank horse for a while.

He gave up and lost interest.

We opened up the little ones’ field too so they can stuff themselves in the torrential rain.

Nice flowers, though. I hope they make it through the next few days.




2 thoughts on “Rain Forecast

  1. Judith Garbutt

    That’s an awful forecast, Frances!! I hope the wind changes and it’s not as bad as predicted.


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