Our Leader

It was an unbelievably beautiful autumn day in Shetland yesterday – the colours and the light were exceptional.


Guess who this is?

Yup, Roseblossom who was nearly dead in March of hyperlypæmia.


She looks well.


This spring, once she was back up to weight, she ran with the stallion again and is, hopefully, pregnant.  Her owner is keeping a keen eye on her so, to stop her getting obese, she was put in the hill park with three other pregnant mares.


It has done them all good and Roseblossom looks in good health.


This is the look that says “I know you, you b****.  You are the one who stuck pins in me and force fed me liquid sludge”.


Yup, that would’ve been me, Daisy and her owner.  We had to – it saved her life.


All the mares were moved from the hill park to another field nearer home.


There was a huge welcome committee waiting from the miniature inhabitants.


They came cantering over, happy to greet the newbies.

BN2A6966 BN2A6974

I always think Standard Shetland ponies are very different to the miniatures.  They think differently and have far less of a sense of humour, in my opinion, especially the mares.  The little ones are much cheekier.


There was the odd squeal, bite and opinion, but mostly everyone was polite.


When the standard mares were bored with the introductions, they decided en mass to go and investigate their new field.  They have never lived here so there was much to discover.


Of course all the little ones followed chanting “you are our leaders, you are our leaders”.  Poor girls.  I hope they cope with all this miniature pony adoration!


3 thoughts on “Our Leader

  1. Ruth

    Thank you so much for this update Frances, whoever would have thought she’d look so good so soon? Fingers crossed for a lovely healthy mum and foal in the spring.

  2. Terri

    So nice to hear that Rosebud is doing well, and possibly expecting a foal — who would have thought it possible after having had two feet in the grave and two others on banana peels earlier this year? Remarkable recovery. What a lovely herd of standards and minis this is — their interactions are most amusing!
    PS Also happy to hear that Delia is in good shape, bless her heart. You take such good care of your critters.


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