Very Pleased

Delia is not looking bad for this time of year (ok, it has been unseasonably warm) or her age.  She is 23 years old with six superb foals to her name too so, for an old lady, she entitled to sag a bit.


Delia has spent the last few bad-weather days tucked up in a thick rug and today, because it was warm (up to 15 degrees celsius apparently), I took it off so she could appreciate the sun on her back.


Delia is a nice weight going into the winter and I hope, with the help of a warm rug and green grass (I have another field waiting), she will have a few more years in her.  The look in her eyes says she is not ready to give up yet and she even managed to canter off when her rug was off.


Lyra, on the other hand or hoof, depending on your point of view, is going into winter looking like she is about to give birth any day now (please God, no).  She is rotund.


As is her mother, Vitamin, too.  I think the shape must run in the family.


Circular would be our mot du jour to describe mother and daughter.  Please don’t say it too loud as you may offend!


11 thoughts on “Very Pleased

  1. louise whyte

    lyra what a tummy

    if you need any rugs for Delia just let me know as I am sure we have some spare extra warm ones in 4’6 or so

  2. Cassie

    Dare I say, they are even rounder than most Thelwell ponies! But it is all justified, they are set for a Shetland winter and that is all functional routundity. I especially like the silhouette shape in the last photo, with 4 legs bunched together like legs on a stool. Tee hee!

  3. Linda

    Well…now who isn’t entitled to pack on a few pounds in old age (let alone after giving birth to SIX foals!) I think they all look adorably round!

  4. The Green Dogs

    I know they’re not supposed to be quite that round, but there is something adorable about a Shetland in its winter coat with a round tummy! Maybe it makes them look more like cartoon characters. 🙂


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