Biting a Bigger Bullet

Yesterday evening, Waffle was on his own and lonely.  I could see he desperately wanted to be with his friends, so I opened the gate and he popped home for the night.

But that did not solve the problem of Hjalti having no one to play with.


This morning I brought Waffle back but also with Silver in tow too.


Hetja said she would put up with this if she had to and didn’t even bother to have an opinion.


Then I thought I would bite the bigger bullet and add Storm and Tiddles to the herd.


But this was two Shetland ponies too many in Hetja’s opinion.  She was back to chasing and biting with her ears flat back looking very unhappy.


Also Hjalti wasn’t very nice to the little ones either.


On the way to the field, I did tell Storm and Tiddles that if things were getting rough, to go and stand by the gate and I would immediately let them out.


So they did (I swear these ponies understand my every word).


I opened the gate and Storm and Tiddles didn’t need asking twice.  They shot out into the hill and quickly came home (no headcollars, no nothing).


I put them back into their original field, with the Icelandic boys and gave them a snack (bravery food).


Meanwhile, Hjalti was getting to know Silver, with Hetja’s grudging approval.

BN2A7038   BN2A7066

This is Hetja feeling resigned to her fate of two Shetland ponies.


Silver and Hjalti are now joined at the hip!


I had forgotten that Silver was the one who played the roughest games with Hammy (our Welsh Section A gelding).


I left them both “killing” each other!  I shall count the legs tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Biting a Bigger Bullet

  1. Sam

    Had a good chuckle over Silver’s antics. Boys always seem to want to “kill” each other, no matter the species.
    Sorry that the little boys got bullied. Glad to hear they know when to leave and get “bravery” snacks.


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