Our Kinda Day

It feels like we haven’t done this in an age.  Well I haven’t and won’t but just to watch others….. go riding.


The tidy-up has made a huge difference.


Everything is in its place and a place for everything.


The control freak in me likes that.  I just hope I can remember where all these places are!  Lucky for me, I have BeAnne who will find anything including otter shit!


Anyway, Jo rode Haakon, Fiona rode Iacs and Bjørn rode Taktur frå Velli II, my 4yo stallion.


They started by a spot of grooming.  Fur everywhere as their winter coats are now beginning to come out.


Then they did a spot of training in the school together to loosen up the horses and yes, the caravan is still in the middle and that reminds me, I must get it moved but no one minded.

BN2A4041 BN2A4047

Once kitted up with Hi-Viz for safety on the roads (to state the bleedin’ obvious) in case anyone mistakes Jo for a Mounted Policewoman astride her (my) noble steed of a Police Horse that is 13.3hh, small, fat and very hairy.


For crying out loud, would you mistake this as a policewoman? I mean seriously?  Would you?


Are you now hiding your hessian bag done up with string marked SWAG in huge letters (hopefully wearing your pale blue pyjamas with arrows on) as you cower at the thought of being arrested by this?


If so, get some glasses and maybe get a life.  Rant due to ridiculous Daily Mail article – Whoa! Horse riders wearing hi-viz could be arrested for impersonating police  It is laughable. It truly is.

Anywho, Jo escorted her prisoners, sorry, friends, out on a trek.


And then they all came back with big cheesey grins.


Well, I’m glad someone enjoyed themselves.  The tail-end Charlies were too busy learning to tölt.  Remember this is a 4 year old stallion who was sitting in a field in Iceland last August having never had the hand of man upon him.


I am just so impressed with my boy (Taktur, obviously).  He is an absolute treasure. This is his listening face.


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