Other Folk’s Ponies

If you ask me, I will go and take photos of your ponies, well anything as long as it is decent, legal and in good taste.


I spent the day helping my Icelandic horse trainer, Bjørn, of Bergli Stud.  Our respective vehicles are still in hospital.  My Land Rover is going to be assessed tomorrow for “levels” so I offered to help move ponies again as I had been told to drive it as much as possible.


Obviously, I took my camera with me.


The gorgeous Odinn.  I have a huge soft spot for him – a very special boy.


This is the beloved Alex having a roll and re-doing his amazing hair.  I love this stallion.  He is such a sweet boy and he is very handsome.

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All the ponies today are stallions – this is what we were concentrating on.  We were moving them around to be worked with.  Bjørn’s stallions are very tame and very easy.  I was standing in one field surrounded by at least 15 stallions feeling safe and my space respected.

BN2A6771 BN2A6792 BN2A6824

Now this is Caramac and he is a jewel.  If I could take him home to join The Minions, I would.  He followed me around, I kissed his nosey and so he followed me some more.  He is the most perfect beautiful little gentleman and I adore him.  His temperament is the best.  I wish all stallions were as nice as him.


And this dude is Waffle’s Dad, Wulfert.  I told him about The Waff just in case he was interested.


So many gorgeous ponies – my idea of heaven.

3 thoughts on “Other Folk’s Ponies

  1. darby

    these photos are just beautiful! there is nothing like ponies. as a little girl it was my dream to have one and now that I am, shall we say, older, I have two. not Shetlands but very special to me. I wish they were closer to me but that’s not possible in suburban New York. thanks for your posts.


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