One More


He doesn’t have a name (well, he has his registered Shetland pony name but it really doesn’t suit him).


He is very, and I mean very, small.  A few inches high.


We brought him home this afternoon.  He had been looking for a home on Facebook.  Like Albie, he is a colt (that will be remedied in the spring).


We fed Albie his tea first and then let them meet up in a small paddock.


I have always thought Albie was a small little squirt but this pony is even smaller.


He has lived on his own for the past two months, but he is desperate to make friends with Albie.


I stood and watched them together while Daisy went and fetched Tor.  Albie hates being away from his surrogate mother.

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Once Tor arrived, things calmed down a bit.

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(I told you, he is tiny)


Tor took an interest in this new little boy.


We stood and watched them all talk.


The tables turned.  Albie was the dominant one.  He behaved like Camus did to him when they first met.


“Keep away from my Mum” – he kept saying to our newbie.


I thought Albie would behave better than that but perhaps it needs to be said.  There is the hierarchy.


Tor and Albie grazed (almost frantically) with their heads pressed up against each other.  It wasn’t a calm moment.  Most odd.


Little Thing won’t let me talk to him.  He did arrive with a headcollar on (I think it had been on for a couple of weeks), and probably by taking it off we won’t get near him for a while but I am not a fan of ponies wearing them in the field.


Most importantly, he needs to remember how to be a pony.


And then we will get to know him and he will be another Minion.


And then there will be no more.  We are full now.

So, please name suggestions – remember tiny – and lots of vibes for him.  He needs to tame down and for everyone to love him.

34 thoughts on “One More

  1. Susan Veal

    Dear little chap must have a name what about Fion, Finlay or Finn means small blonde soldier or Pieni is tiny in Finnish 🙂 there is always room for a small one xx

    1. Frances Post author

      What is “there’s always room for a small one” in Finnish?
      What is “Small one” in Finnish?

      (huge fan of the Moomins!)

      Little Mi – if he had been a she!

  2. Simone

    With Christmas just around the corner, I can’t resist to suggest Tiny Tim :-). In Icelandic, of course, he would be “Litli”. <3

  3. Emma

    Frosty? He has a frosty mane in the first pic, and has had a frosty reception and a frosty attitude to people so far (I’m sure this will change)

  4. Linda

    I vote for “Finn” too!

    What a cutie pie, Frances – thank you for rescuing him and giving him a wonderful home. It’s just a matter of time until he gets comfortable and makes friends (but you know that).

  5. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    I think Tim would be an excellent name for him too. He looks like a Timmy.

    Though to be honest our (previously) smallest cat, though named Sibyl which she answers to, it more accurately named and answers to ‘Tiny’ all by itself. It’s a perfect good name.

  6. Claire

    I am so pleased he has a lovely new home, I was tempted, he looks adorable! What about Peerie Hestur? Would love to come and visit him if possible..

    1. Frances Post author

      I can’t tell you his story. Shetland is a small place and I don’t judge.

      Suffice that I was told about him. He needed us, we took him and here he is.

  7. Robyn

    Might I suggest “Munchkin”, one of the little people in “Wizard of Oz”, as it seems to me there is some magic in the way you rescue the needy creatures of God.

  8. Linda K

    I hope that soon Albie will stop seeing him as a threat and that Tor is nice to him. Perhaps when Tor and Albie were grazing they were reinforcing their bond, in the face of this newcomer. Flynn might suit him.

  9. Terri

    Little Thing melts my heart (that sweet little face!) — I’d definitely allow him in the house (would anyone notice?). How do you find these lost creatures? He was on his OWN? such a little fella? Norty Albie for wanting to keep beautiful mum Tor to himself! (but understandable I guess, in equine survival mentality) I hope Albie reconsiders, because LIttle Thing obviously needs a friend or two (or a herd). All in good time. Bless you once again, dear Frances, for making room for “just one more.”

  10. Linda

    Cute about Henry being the 8th! Little thing reminds me of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh! Everyone is little in the land of Pooh! Bless this little guy…

  11. Carol E

    I had fun looking through a Shetlandic dictionary. Here are some:

    Elsk – love (as a verb)
    Currie – lovable
    cöttikin – Ankle-sock
    Mooratoog – ant
    Minkie, mootie, peerie – tiny
    Soothmoother – incomer

    I rather like Cöttikin 😉

    — Carol E.

  12. Sam

    I like “Eric the Red” for this new Minion in Training. A strong name for this boy who survived on his own.
    Thanks for reminding us that Shetland is a small place and some stories are best not shared. I do hope Tor and Albie make room for him.


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