Hogging the Shed

Yesterday evening, on my last walk round, I found two little ponies hogging the little shed.

And they wouldn’t let Albie inside.

I could see Waffle and Tiddles happily colluding with each other.  Shameful behaviour, if you ask me.

I felt sorry for poor little Albie, ever the victim, but there was nothing I could do apart from making sure that all the nice food was outside with him (ok, grotty soaked hay in tiny-holed haynets but hey, it is what it is).

Today, however, was different.  Albie was in the shed and the other two were outside.  The tables had turned.

Inside I gave a little cheer.  Go, Albie.  Be strong…..

….. or filthy. Whatever. I’m not fussy.

To be fair, everyone is pretty revolting.

Yes, Tiddles, you are revolting too.

It’s been raining all day and now we are back to mud, again.

They didn’t seem to mind too much.

If at all.  Just little hippos enjoying the mud….. and the shed.  Move along, nothing to see here.

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