Bye Bye Bozz-Bozz (and Arcturus)

This afternoon Bozz-Bozz (aka Thordale Borealis) and Arcturus were brought into the shed and cleaned up to get ready for their travels into the big bad world.

L1070846 L1070847

They were both good little boys.  The final winter clags and nasty bits were removed with minimum fuss.


We made the last fuss of them and I know everyone will miss their chirpy helpful little faces over the fence.  Hammy was beside himself running up and down looking for his “bros”.


Both boys loaded into the trailer with a little hesitation.  Everything was new to them but they took it in their stride and got on with it.  They travelled side by side and were no bother.  We heard no crashing or bashing as we drove along.


So off we drove, first to drop off Arcturus in his new home, which is local.


We left him a Shetland “crue” which is a small pen. Upon his new owners return, they will hopefully find him there and he will not have wreaked havoc in their absence (oh, please God, no).


Next stop the freight port of Lerwick where the boat was waiting for us.  We were running late because two stupid cyclists waved us straight into an oncoming car which we only missed by the grace of God and all his Guardian Angels.  If you two are reading this, I hope you have a rectal prolapse on a sandy beach for what you nearly did.  You are truly moronic.


I inspected Bozz-Bozz’s new accommodation which was immaculate.  I could live there!


Jo unloaded our little lad and put him quickly into his new bedroom.

L1070891 L1070893

Door shut, his brand new headcollar and rope sent by his new owner were hung on the back of the box.


We left our little boy investigating his room for long ferry trip ahead.  He is on his way south to the Channel Islands to join Thordale Noggin (Fivla’s first foal – no relation).


We will miss Bozz-Bozz very much and have told him to behave himself.  He is a treasure and we wish him all the best in his future.  He has a lovely new home waiting.  And so we left him to be put onto the boat and to set off on his long journey….


Good luck to Bozz-Bozz and Arcturus.  We love you and are very proud of you! ❤❤❤


(and I so want a shot on that lifeboat thingy.  Apparently they just release the cable and you plunge into the sea very very fast!)


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bozz-Bozz (and Arcturus)

  1. Linda Penney

    Many thanks for sharing Frances I am sure they will settle down in their new homes
    and hope the owners send the odd update on them would be nice it like we do with our recused dogs we send them Easter cards and Christmas Cards

  2. Martine

    Sniff. That’s the trouble with breeding, you have to be tough or else you end up like a crazy cat lady only with horses/ponies instead of cats (and they’re a lot more trouble to keep than cats0.
    Hope the hobbitses are happy in their new homes.


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