Old Friends Reunite

Delia came home the other day – she had been spending time with another herd since Vitamin went off to her Fat Camp.

Having spent the winter with Brá and Hetja, I put her out with them thinking she would be fine as she is an old mare.


But no, this was not to be.  Hetja decided that Delia could not be in her herd and that she should be kept away from Brá and Efstur at all costs every minute.  She was horrid to Delia

This was not the summer I wanted for my old lady.  She was totally isolated.


So today I took Delia to Sandness to spend her summer with Lyra and the minis.


Lyra was very pleased to see her old friend.


There was no kicking or squealing or great shows of dominance.  Just a nice gentle welcome.


Delia was amongst friends.


Delia looked about her…..


… and then set off to get to know her new herd.


Delia is a dear old girl and I hope she spends happy summer months with her new friends.  The grass is not long, so she is safe from laminitis, but there is enough to keep her at a good healthy weight.   They are all visited daily, anyway.


I feel much happier about this set up. I didn’t like seeing Delia being ostracised and set upon by Hetja.  I know nature is harsh, but Delia doesn’t need this type of behaviour.  She is an old lady who wants her friends around, peace and quiet with the occasional back scratch and her daily apple (she eats it whole and relishes all the juice running down her chin!)

5 thoughts on “Old Friends Reunite

  1. Linda K

    I second that. I admire the way you care about, and look after, their emotional wellbeing. I wish Delia long sunny days and lots of juicy apples.

  2. Terri

    Touching to see Delia and Lyra greeting one another. Perhaps there were too many hormonal females in the other field? (not to mention names or anything, but Hetja and Brá) In any case, “Summer in Sandness” sounds like a nice place to be! (and possibly the title of a novel or movie)

  3. Sam

    We all get to an age when good gentle friends are best. The younger moms seem to not want advice from an experienced lady, so posh to them! Good for Lyra welcoming Delia back. And good for you, Frances, for taking the time to make all feel loved. Speaking of which – how is the baby and the Minions?

    1. Frances Post author

      Baby – fine (see next post)
      Minions – all nose-kissey buttons are fully functional. The Fat Camp boys want out. The baby-sitters (Hjalti) are happy.


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