Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Despite being below freezing, the light, this morning was stunning.

The horses glowed in the early sunlight.  A very yellowy glow.

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Last night, there had been a dusting of snow with a hard frost.  Ice was everywhere and just hard enough to step on while wondering if it would hold your weight against the mud below.

It didn’t but everywhere and mostly everyone looked drier and cleaner.


The horses were dry (except Hjalti who obviously had a little sit last night somewhere soggy) and the snow stayed on their backs acting as a layer of insulation.

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This is a horse’s coat at work.  No one was shivering or miserable.  Just nice and toasty and the ponies recharged their fuel batteries with a hard feed and last night’s leftover silage.

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As the air was dry, although cold, I left Delia’s rug off for the day and she could have the sun on her back.  She likes this weather and mooched about the silage bale – Les Grandes Dames have free access to this bale 24/7.  The rest don’t and I pile up their supplies in the evening.


I was out most of the day helping out a friend so when I got back, I sat on my special rock and watched the sunset with Lambie and Ster.  The only sound I could hear was the ponies munching their silage while the sun went quietly down.

Shetland in winter, on days like these, is magical.


5 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Morning

  1. Linda

    Thanks for sharing the simple beauty of the day Frances! I’m once again turning in for the night with you, my favorite bedtime story teller, to lull me to peaceful sleep…bless you!


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