My friend and trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen of Bergli Stud, has got a poorly owie foot and was finding driving difficult so I volunteered my taxiing services.  I honestly didn’t mind.  I had done all my chores – everywhere was mucked out and everyone was fed huge amounts of hard feed and silage.

So, we went to feed some hay to his youngstock Shetland ponies who live in a huge (possibly 50 acre) field.  It is an incredible field.  Just huge.


I didn’t so much as “help” as stand in the way taking photos, because that is my idea of helping and my back is not up to lugging bales of hay.


I do like Bjørn’s youngstock.  There was even a few nose kisseys from those that wanted to see people more than hay and that is always lovely.

BN2A1251 BN2A1260 BN2A1267   BN2A1278 BN2A1288 BN2A1293 BN2A1296

I wandered about taking photos in the winter sunlight.  Bliss.

BN2A1301 BN2A1308 BN2A1310

They are happy little fat Shetland ponies in winter looking all hairy and perfect – my idea of good day.


This is how Shetland ponies should be. Living outside but pleased to see the hay but more pleased to see the people!

BN2A1339BN2A1326 BN2A1327  BN2A1333 BN2A1334  BN2A1343 BN2A1348 BN2A1356 BN2A1362 BN2A1364 BN2A1367

I do ❤ Shetland ponies.  I hope you do, too.  So important.


10 thoughts on “Helping

  1. Terri

    Oh, I do love Shetland ponies too! And I proudly use my very special 3-adorable-ponies grocery bag! (do you happen to know their names? — Dec. 15 Advent photo) No matter. They all look so wild and wooly. Who would guess that they like nose kissies sometimes too?
    Thanks for today’s post — and I hope Mr. Larsen’s foot improves soon.


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