Off to Clothie

Floss and I went to see the Old Men this afternoon.  We took BeAnne, obviously on a lead as a) it’s lambing and b) she is blind as a bat.  Floss took carrots. I carried my big camera.

We (as in Daisy – I kept saying I would do it and then forgetting!) moved the three horses over to Clothie, my five acre croft, a few days ago.

Once safely in the field, we released BeAnne. These days she is too fat to escape through the fence and she knows this croft very well.  Keeping a slight eye on her, we left her to enjoy herself.

Meanwhile, the horses quickly sussed that Floss had carrots.

She was not leaving their sight.

I had asked her to walk right into the centre of the field to keep them away from BeAnne.

While I trust these horses 100% with Her Maj, she can’t see them very well and accidents can happen.

Anywho, there was enthusiasm and Iacs even trotted with happiness, throwing in a small buck which I totally failed to capture.

Klængur preferred the more sedate approach of “you may bring the carrots to me”, so of course Flossie did and everyone got their fair share.

BeAnne had a lovely potter around.

If I say it once, I will say it again – that coat is a ruddy godsend!

Klængur looked wonderful against the grey sky.  I have missed riding him much more than I thought I would.  He will get his shoes back on the middle of this month when the farrier comes.  We took them off because of the nasty injury he gave himself.

I am really looking forward to going out for our rides.  I miss the fun and I think he does too.

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