Forever Brushing

Today I took a brush with me as well as some mane/tail detangler and went to work on the Minions.

I only brushed those that volunteered (ie, I couldn’t be bothered to catch or tie anyone up). Manes and tails with a bit of sweep around the body.

First up was Albie.  He loves being brushed. It’s his Thing.  He would stand there all day just being brushed. Utter bliss.

Ditto Waffle who seemed always to be there, waiting and he put up his face to the sun while I brushed tirelessly (and kissed the nosey).

Fivla was given a good going over too.  Her mane fell out in huge trails; lots of dead winter stuff to coming and she was much lighter afterwards.

Half of Silver – only half because he walked off and I refused to go trailing after him.

So I turned my attentions on Newt, who had been waiting fairly patiently (he was trying to eat the conditioning spray bottle that I thought I had hung in a safe place).

And then lastly Storm because he was standing by himself and couldn’t decide if he wanted to be brushed or not, so I convinced him he did and I think he was quite grateful afterwards.

The rest had wandered off.

After the brushing marathon (why, oh why, are they all so small? my poor back), I awarded myself a sit-down with anyone who wanted to come and talk to me.

Newt, Storm and Albie arrived and I dutifully hugged and then, more by accident, started pulling out Newt’s belly fur.  He was in heaven with this.  I had hit the spot.

There was very soon a significant pile (hoping Newt’s belly isn’t now bald – I couldn’t see – it just came out very easily in my hands, honest guv!)

I left all the fur for the birds.  There was piles of it.


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