Nearly There

Little Maggie is now spending her time away from the flock – there was a brief moment when she joined them down in the field (my heart lept with happiness) but now she spends all her time by herself, and sometimes comfortable with the horses.

We let her do this, not forcing her to be with the others, if that is her choice. To keep her calm and happy is all that she needs plus at least four meals a day!

The vet visited us yesterday (‘Bert and ‘Madge are lame plus a BeAnne check up as well as Lambie’s wool-eating thing) and in his words “she is due any day now”.

Today, Maggie said she wanted to be with her hill-sheep friends and we were torn as to letting her go or not.  In the end I decided on not.  At least if she is here, if she gets into any trouble, we can quickly call for help.  The others are steering well clear, so perhaps they know something too.  The hill sheep are popping out their lambs while we drive past so we are all on Maggie Watch.

In other news, the primroses are coming out in their masses.


And Lambie was officially diagnosed as having a “behavioural problem”. Typical Lambie. I give up.



2 thoughts on “Nearly There

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well it looks like it won’t be long before you have a new little lamb hopping around your place. Hope all goes well for Maggie and the delivery. Sounds like you have a lot to keep the Vet busy! I think that was very wise to not let Maggie join her hill friends, at this stage. Aren’t the primroses beautiful though! So nice to see Spring appearing by you.

  2. Linda

    I’m not at all surprised that Maggie wants to be on her own just now – how exciting to hear there will be a new little lambie!

    Don’t forget, BeAnn may not be able to see, but I bet her sense of smell is still pretty good! (and she gets to use it safely, thanks to her family),

    And such gorgeous, wildflowers you have!


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