Oak Trees – Various

Miss Foxy enjoyed her kipper scraps plus old vegetable soup (hence the saucepan).  In the film, she is suspicious of the saucepan and doesn’t stay long but this morning, on our way out for a dog walk at the crack of sparrows, we found it licked clean and carefully placed in the middle of the path by the gate – “please sir/(madam), can I have some more?”  We laughed and Miss Foxy is having lamb bones tonight.

Mum and I, spurred on by requests for acorns, started to quickly collect.

Mum kindly donated a clean unused poo-bag and together we gathered up a good pile of acorns.  Like I said, I am happy to send them to anyone. Just ask.

They are from a spectacular old stag oak tree that I have known all my life. It is the same age, and originally part of, Windsor Great Park.  Some of their trees are 1300 years old! I don’t think “our’s” is.


Mum mentioned there was also a red oak tree that we would walk past but acorns are very rare. We did manage to find a few and will keep looking. It is a much younger tree.

It was a lovely walk – I popped out again later, taking my life in my hands by flying golf-balls – one of which managed to hit the old oak!

It was a lovely evening.

Oh yes, and you can even “bonsai” them too!





3 thoughts on “Oak Trees – Various

  1. Sam

    Lucky Miss Foxy getting room service. Wish I could ask for an acorn but not sure the US Postal Service would allow…so plant one for me?


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