O still small voice of calm!

Well, it’s all going on out there now!   Wind and rain in equal amount of vileness.  The roof on my little house creaks like a wooden boat on a rough sea, the doors are locked and the fire is lit (plus some candles in case we have the inevitable power cut).

My OH and Daisy fed the horses, while I dashed out to throw a large scoop of chicken feed through the hen house hatch.  I fed the sheeple in their shed with Lambie pratting about outside trying to be special (*** sigh ***).

I didn’t go out with a camera so I am reminding myself (and you) of days in Shetland when it was all calm and beautiful.

This morning I had a grotty migraine and so took to my bed with painkillers and the dog.

I have shaken it off now but I still have that horrid out-of-world feeling that I get after a migraine.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.  The wind should’ve died down by then and we can go out to inspect the damage and see what is missing.

4 thoughts on “O still small voice of calm!

  1. Carol E

    So sorry about your migraine! I hope everything, indoors and out, is better now!

    I’ve finally gotten some wool combs and I will try anew to do something with Puzzah’s fleece. There is SUCH lovely downy undercoat in there, if I can pull it out. A nice activity to focus on now that the school application season is DONE, hooray!

  2. Sam

    Hope the migraine is done and gone. Hope that all the animals are fine (rugs or not). Hope there is no damage to buildings.


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