Once inside, Newt is very keen on his daily bucket of food.

I had just taken off Newt’s rug as today has been glorious by Shetland winter standards so he is all floofy and ruffled up.

We bring them in to eat their hard feed two at a time.  Newt usually comes in with Efstur who is a model citizen.  You just call Efstur, open the gate and off he takes himself to his bucket, eats the contents and would probably put himself back out again, if asked nicely.

Newt, on the other hoof, shuffles in, probably grumbling to himself.  Finds a bucket and tries to get into it – hence me holding it.  Yesterday Efstur stood to one side while Newt helped himself.

I measured Newt today – he hasn’t been measured for a while.  28 whole inches of unhelpful ingratitude.

Me:  Come on Newt.  You’ve finished now – time to go back out.
Newt:  (in Russian) – Nyet (het)

So using all my horsemanship skills (I took the empty bucket with me and he followed thinking I would refill it).

Me:  Newt, you have to go outside.
Newt:  Nyet, absolute nyet.

So I asked for help because Nyet ain’t budging and for a small chap, he can’t half not move.  He leans backwards!

Anyway, with the help of Daisy, we succeeded and then threw everyone out into the big field.  Ok, they have to get through the mud but on the other side of the stream is a large green hill.

Anyway, 28″ of Nyet may well be changed to “Da” to see if has any effect on his character.  Every day Newt says Nyet!

9 thoughts on “Nyet!

  1. Sam

    Thanks for the good laugh. Perhaps Newt is suffering from “I’m a Giant in MY mind” syndrome? The leaning backwards to tell you Nyet is amusing for us not actually trying to entice Newt to wander outside. Good luck.

  2. diane in northern wis

    This Newt seems to be quite the character. I can only imagine what it’s like trying to get him to move when he doesn’t want to budge. Ooh that muddy field is nasty but the green grass on the other side looks great. Taking care of all your horses is certainly a fulltime job. I am impressed with all that you do and do it so well.
    Great blog as always, Frances.

  3. Terri

    This reminds me of a group I was in long ago — there was a very-small-of-stature woman who took charge of a difficult situation and then good-naturedly announced to the rest of us, “I may be little, but I’m FEISTY!” (The whole room broke out in laughter.) Bless his little heart, all 28″ of Newt have personality!


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