Not Rot!

Today the vet came out to the field to examine the rest of the ponies and their environs. It was the same vet we saw yesterday with Fivla and Tiddles.

Daisy and I started by catching Lilja and Sóley and they had their feet picked up, cleaned and examined.

Then the vet went round each Shetland pony and thoroughly examined their feet too.

Fronts and backs. No stone unturned. No hoof not looked at.

Afterwards, I asked that he listened to Fivla and Tiddles’ hearts to see that they were healthy.  Albie may have wanted to help!

The findings:

There is absolutely no evidence in any of the ponies and horses of footrot, foot necrosis, thrush or anything diseased.  In the vet’s opinion all the horses and ponies were fit, healthy and in rude health in every way.  He said that you have to expect variation in the frog appearance between each horse.  The appearance of Fivla’s and Tiddles’ hooves was inexplicable.  He thought their field was perfect and he could find no apparent evidence of lightning strike.   He even remarked on just how well behaved they all were too (which was nice ***proud Mum sniff now ***).

So there we are.  Who knows?  We have no idea what happened but at least everyone is alive and healthy and that, at the end of the day, is all that really matters.  What occurred is a total mystery. “Just one of those things.” Something did. No one knows what.

My guess it was aliens and I am looking for crop circles next. I have walked round the field so many times now, I am surprised I haven’t seen them, though Storm probably ate them!

7 thoughts on “Not Rot!

  1. Sam

    You have a wonderful vet! As for the crop circles, Storm ate them, Newt chased the aliens away because they did not have visa or a mask on. This herd is lucky you noticed and took action even if the aliens are snickering at the uproar. Perhaps the Pixies can and colored the hooves?

  2. Judith Garbutt

    So pleased they were all given a clean bill of health. Let us know how the damaged feet progress, please.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Wow …..still a mystery! Who’d a thunk it? Hope whatever it was never, ever, happens again.
    now hoping to hear reports as their feet improve and get back to normal. Thanks for the great update Frances!

  4. Kris

    Is there any possibility that those electric poles and box somehow expelled a jolt of electricity into the field? Can you find out who tends to those and have them checked for any abnormalities?

    Likewise, have you looked them over to see if they show any signs of having been struck by lightning?


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