Not Proud of Myself

I lost my temper with the girls this morning.

Indy knew they were around and he was galloping up and down shouting his mouth off.

I had been working with Velia and instead of successfully putting her back in her field, all the others drifted out and made everything worse.

I managed to chase Velia back into her field and one by one caught the girls in the school to put them back.

No one was helpful and eventually after much cussing, shouting and turning purple (me),  I did join-up with the Lyra and Gwendolinda.  Not very successfully and probably for all the wrong reasons.  I had lost my temper.  Not good.

They were returned to their field while Indy stomped up and down his.  Still furious, I fetched the trailer to move everyone (I had also decided to sell the lot too).

But upon my return, everything was peaceful.  Indy had lost interest and the girls were grazing.  I had lunch, calmed down and felt remorseful.  Losing my temper with them was really losing my temper with myself.  I am not proud of this.  I had shouted at the girls for, well, being girls.


So, in the drizzle this afternoon, I sat on a rock in their field and hoped someone would talk to me.  They did and I was forgiven.

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I didn’t deserve it.  None of the girls held a grudge and that is good.  They are a very generous bunch.


And then they galloped off.


5 thoughts on “Not Proud of Myself

  1. Nadja

    I know how it feels like. And sometimes they seem to have the talent to bring out the worst in us (for the better of course). How can you tell who’s who in that bunch? They look so similar!


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