Pony Watching

I spent today away from my Stud taking photos for Bergli Stud.


I enjoy this kind of work and as it was a lovely day (and deteriorated later when we wanted to ride our Icelandic horses), it was easy and fun.


Here are some of the outtakes that won’t make the website but I just happened to snap because I liked the composition.  This is Mr Grumpy or Ken Lee.  A darling cattie who dribbles when you tickle him!


I try to capture everyone’s unique character. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes I have to really search to find what lies inside.


Horses are not instantly your friend just because you say so.  You have to earn their trust and then work out how to communicate with them in a way they will understand.

BN2A0484 BN2A0548

But Bergli ponies are special.  They are loved and worked with from Day 1, unlike some.

BN2A0560  BN2A0609

These ponies are all full of character and, as a photographer, I could watch their politics and conversations all day long.


I have always been a great people-watcher and pony-watching is not dissimilar.


The endless communication and camaraderie is very evident and fascinating.

BN2A0695  BN2A0752


Today was fascinating and, as ever, good for my learning curve.

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