Not Going Out

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And it was difficult, I can tell you.

Lambie and Lambster did get out to their daytime lodgings – there is lots of shelter and grass, so they were oblivious but everyone else stayed indoors.

Everyone helped to muck out the boys in the indoor school and then the girls in the stables.  They were fine, if bored, and we fed, watered and put out more hay.  The horses said they wanted out but, in truth, I think they would have rushed back inside if they knew what it was really like.  At one stage I was walking outside down the long side of the indoor school thinking “well, it is not that bad – they can go out”.  I then turned the corner and met the storm full force.  It flung me against the container while someone threw a bucket of water at me.  With that, I realised that no one should be out in this.

BeAnne was very snuggly this morning.  This is her night-time bed with accompanying vintage cot blanket.


She followed me everywhere outside and, after she had dried, I brushed her.  You can see her Yorkie relatives shining through.


Loki and OH managed a walk in the storm which he described as “not too bad” – (wind behind them) but coming back was “almost impossible”  It was also “very refreshing!”

BN2A1096 BN2A1101 BN2A1112

Wu, to the best of my knowledge, is vexed with the weather.  This is his disgruntled face.

BN2A1137 BN2A1146 BN2A1157

(and this is a previous smiley face – just to prove he doesn’t always have a face like a slapped arse).


Tomorrow, weather-wise, should be much better.

3 thoughts on “Not Going Out

  1. Linda K

    Nice photos of the dogs. The first one of Wu made me laugh, he looks seriously peeved. I’m not a cat person but I think he’s lovely, if a bit scary.

  2. Sam

    Love the Wu pictures! Sometimes it is better to stay inside and deal with the boredom than to make Frances crazy with worry about her creatures. And I would not have recognized The Duvet groomed!


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