Not going out in this

The weather forecast looks like this and that black alien-like blob is a bit scary!

So I can’t really go out and feed Taktur or do anything, which is just as well as my legs are not co-operating with the rest of me.


I have not gone near the horses/ponies today and feel very guilty.

Having said that, I was worried that they were suffering, but they’re not hiding from this weather at all. Thank the Gods for hardy Natives and Icelandics.


My house resembles Widow Twankey’s Laundry as I am getting my stuff ready just in case I have to go into hospital.  It was all fusty and in a bag from last time round.

This is Wishy-Washy (aka Wussums) who has taken to following me about….

And of course my ever faithful never-going-to-leave-you-ever companion, BeAnne. 


I wish I could take her with me.  I could cope better with the thought of hospital knowing she was with me.  I have a feeling the NHS would object quite strongly.

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