Carpe Diem

Or seize the day.  After four difficult attempts, I finally got up, out and at ’em.

I adore Taktur, my Icelandic stallion. Bless him, he is so easy.  


Ready and waiting by the gate, he followed me into the school for his grub.


And then I led him back out to his field just as easily.  It does make life so much better.


Then I cleared the school, and made everything ready for tomorrow’s exploits – the Equine Dentist’s appearance. Hopefully, he will have his own equipment with him, but I set aside a bucket of water for rinsing the rasps, our own Shetland pony rasps, gag and a pile of headcollars for the helpers.  I will leave a list so, if I am incapacitated, they will know what and who to do.  There are also 3 haynets filled and tied up for those in the dental waiting room.

I hope it goes smoothly.  Haakon is not the easiest of patients.  Last time the dentist had to walk backwards round the school, while Jo held Haakon’s back leg up (a little known fact is that Haakon can actually rear on one leg.) Sod!


The others are mainly a check-up although Vitamin is having a hook sorted, I hope. Janette is kindly bringing her over (with hers) and to check she has the right pony, sent me this photo for identification.

In Janette’s defence, yesterday was very windy and I think that is Vitamin!


The boys are all fine and to prove it, here are some pics from today (that is Iacs’ intelligent face).

And who can resist this monkey?


1 thought on “Carpe Diem

  1. Seija P.

    Hi! Greetings from Finland! I found your blog few days ago (dressed ponies!) and I love it! So nice to see REAL shetland ponies. 😀 I have two ponies, other one is shetland pony. :)Blessings for your surgery.


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