Not Feeling Well

BeAnne went to the vet this morning.  A sudden decision made by myself as I have been sucking my teeth these last few days when I watch her.  She seems quieter and not very with-it.  Something is not right to add to all the other things that are wrong with her.

The vet did a thorough examination and said she could hear fluid on Her Maj’s lungs.  So she has been started on a course of diuretics to see if that makes a difference.  Please cross everything.  You know the drill by now.

I realise we are on borrowed time but I want every second.

Meanwhile, I my back has gone. I am not sure what really but It hurts all the time and I am utterly miserable.  My Painpod is on full revs and boost plus a hot water bottle wedged in. Gah!  I don’t need this.

Here are the last of the photos from yesterday. I can’t even pick up my camera.

Sorry for the whinge. I hate myself when I whinge.

Giving up, now. I am feeling very sorry for myself.

23 thoughts on “Not Feeling Well

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Sorry to hear that you and her maj are poorly Frances. I would suspect your mammoth journey is to blame in adding yet more strain on your back.

    Keeping everything crossed that be-anne’s meds work and that you feel better very soon.

    What lovely pics of her and Monster!

  2. Celeste

    Sending you warm wishes and virtual hugs, hoping that you both feel better soon. Whingeing is ok when you feel crummy! Lean on your furry friends, they will help heal you.

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    The challenges and disorder during your travels, BeAnnes health etc. all that stress settles in your back. Please take care of yourself and we will keep all the feathered, furred and Hoomans in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Louise Whyte

    sorry about her maj and y our back, we are in similar places though you much worse. Hugs, hope it gets better.

  5. Linda

    Speaking from experience, I would guess the long drive might be the source of your back pain. Sitting for LONG periods of time make my back pretty cranky. The last words my physical therapist said to me was “keep moving.”
    P.S. Have you tried icing your back? 20 minutes at a time. I keep the blue ice packs in the freezer on standby.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Irmgard Meyer

    Please don’t hate yourself; this is a totally, doubly whinge-worthy situation, after all. I’ll be crossing everything and sending you and your Be-Anne huge bundles of get-well vibes, wrapped in a thousand good thoughts and wishes, until hopefully I read better news on this blog.

  7. Cathy Croghan Alzner

    I’m glad your returned home from your trip safely. Best Wishes to you and to BeAnne. It is bad enough to hurt and not feel well but when a loved and cherished animal hurts, it makes the heart so very sad. Take care.

  8. Judith Garbutt

    Your welcome to whinge – you’ve got good cause. Hope BeAnne picks up and that your back settles down – nothing worse than continuous pain.xx

  9. diane in northern wis

    Dear Frances….I’m feeling very sorry for you too! Hope your back snaps back into good shape very soon. I’m so sorry to hear about BeAnne too. Sure hope she gets better after the medicine. Sending prayers up for both of you!

  10. Kris

    Second the suggestion to alternate ice with warmth on your back. (veteran of back pain here)

    Well wishes to her Mag and you, of course. Distance doesn’t diminish the strength of our thoughts and prayers for you both.

  11. Peter

    As someone with a bad back and an elderly dog I am with you. Whinge away! Hope you are both better soon.
    Cheers Peter

  12. Shelley

    Sending good wishes for you and Be Anne. I agree that your physical pain might be due to the long drive – and a regimen of heat and ice is very helpful: 20 minutes ice – 20 minutes heat. I worked for a chiropractor years ago and he had good results with injured backs, knees, shoulders etc. using this method.

  13. Sam

    Whinge all you want. Between the stress of your car, the travels in Mom’s car and worry about critters, is it amazing your back held out as long as it did. Now I need to shout across the Atlantic : BE WELL BEANNE MUM NEEDS YOU and so do we.


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